Natural Security News

  • June 23, 2009
  • Seth Andre Myers, Joseph S. Nye, Jr. Research Intern

Today’s headlines feature several articles exploring the impacts of climate change around the world. The Independent takes a rather dismal view of Iraq’s future, noting that droughts (and the damming of the Euphrates) have reduced the country’s water supply, seriously damaging local agriculture and worsening food security. In South America, The Santiago Times reports that NASA has revealed that the Patagonian glaciers are losing mass at a rather startling rate. Similarly, scientists in Nepal have begun a field study in the Himalayas to examine glacial lakes, which are believed to be growing at an alarming rate due to glacial retreat. At the policy level, The New York Times reports that China’s recent investments in carbon capture technology may play an important role at Copenhagen in December.

Photo: An Iraqi boy gathers water from a well in Najaf, south of Baghdad. Courtesy of flickr user usr.c.