Natural Security News

  • December 9, 2009
  • Amanda Hahnel, Joseph S. Nye, Jr. Research Intern
  • The New York Times has an A1 story on the costs of climate change regulations, noting that while it will be in the trillions it will be offset by new jobs and efficiency gains.
  • The Washington Post reports on the rift between Japan and the United States over the U.S. military presence in Okinawa, in part over concerns about the military's footprint, including pollution and other environmental degradation. 
  • In a leaked draft of the administration’s new ocean policy, President Obama hints that new zoning regulations are being considered to balance competing demands for the ocean’s resources Scientific American reports.
  • CNN Money reports on a new program—Cash for Caulkers—that aims to increase our energy security by rewarding energy efficiency.
  • As Copenhagen talks continue, participants are beginning to feel the time crunch with the need to ready a draft agreement for top governmental officials to debate, The New York Times reports.