Photo of the Week: Because No One Should Read Too Much on Fridays

As Christine pointed out on Tuesday, our former researcher and Natural Security blogger Alex Stark was selected by the Adopt a Negotiator program (part of the Global Campaign for Climate Action) to attend the UN climate negotiations in Tianjin, China and the Conference of Parties in Cancun this November. She’s in Tianjin now for the UN negotiations there, reporting on the proceedings with her blog and via Twitter.

On Monday, Alex addressed the UN delegation in a speech on behalf of the youth of the world. “Climate change action is no longer just the talk of some politicians, but more and more the missions and actions of every individual in the world.  The youth are leading through our actions, and these talks must catch up,” Alex urged the delegates. You should read her complete remarks here; and here’s a great video she put together updating everyone on how the negotiations are going. Be sure to follow along!

Photo: Delegates from around the world met in Tianjin, China for international climate negotiations this week. Courtesy of Alex Stark.