How This Ends: A Blueprint for De-Escalation in Syria

  • November 6, 2014
  • Dafna Rand, Nicholas Heras
  • Policy Briefs

Deputy Director of Studies and Leon E. Panetta Fellow Dr. Dafna H. Rand and Research Associate Nicholas Heras argue for the importance of focusing on a political framework for de-escalating the civil conflict in Syria. It offers a number of principles and practical steps that would build on U.S. train and assist efforts with the moderate Syrian opposition fighters, in an effort to integrate a political strategy for Syria’s future into current U.S. and Coalition military efforts.

This brief is part of a series of CNAS publications addressing the difficult policy issues posed by the Syrian crisis. The first report in the series, The Tourniquet: A Strategy for Defeating the Islamic State and Defeating Iraq and Syria.