Jeremy Achin

Member, CNAS Board of Advisors

CEO and Co-Founder, DataRobot

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Jeremy Achin is the CEO and co-founder of DataRobot. As a data scientist turned entrepreneur, Achin set his sights on automating his job. He turned passion into product in 2012. DataRobot, under Achin’s leadership, is helping organizations become AI driven. With customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, hospitals, nonprofits, and more, Achin is eager to help people succeed with AI. A leader from humble beginnings who dropped out of high school, Achin rediscovered his love for mathematics and computer science, attending UMass Lowell and eventually working his way into management at Travelers Insurance. Achin took the initiative to launch a new company in 2012, which led to acceptance in the coveted TechStars program, thus ushering the formation of DataRobot. Achin is now dedicated to mentoring the next generation of data science enthusiasts and helping organizations capitalize on the 4th industrial revolution.

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