October 24, 2014

A Nuclear Deal Might Not Set Off an Iranian Business Boom

Featuring Elizabeth Rosenberg

Source: Foreign Policy

Journalist Jamila Trindle

American and Iranian negotiators are racing to cobble together a nuclear deal before a late-November deadline and both sides are signaling cautious optimism that an agreement could finally be in sight. Even if the Obama administration inks a deal, however, many companies will wait to see whether U.S. lawmakers try to derail the agreement before rushing back into Iran.

Reaching an agreement that scales back Iran's nuclear program in exchange for the United States relaxing some sanctions against the country is a top priority for the White House. But Congress also has a hand in the matter because it imposed some of the sanctions against Iran and has been critical of the administration's negotiating. The White House can suspend sanctions temporarily, but some measures would need congressional approval to be removed completely. The administration has concluded that it can legally suspend some sanctions against Iran without the legislative branch and avoid seeking approval from a supermajority of senators because the agreement wouldn't be called a treaty.

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