June 21, 2019

Administration ponders more Iran sanctions, but hasn't imposed them yet despite Trump's claim

Featuring Elizabeth Rosenberg

Source: CNN

Journalists Jim Sciutto, Kaitlan Collins, Jennifer Hansler

One day after coming within minutes of military strikes on Iran, the Trump administration has backed off its threat and is now weighing imposing additional sanctions against Tehran. But the US has not announced new sanctions yet, despite President Donald Trump's false claim otherwise.

"We have additional avenues of sanctions pressure to impose. We have got additional sanctions for sure," a senior administration official told a small group of reporters Friday. "I would not say that the President is thinking about military options. The primary thing we're thinking about is additional sanctions."

This official cautioned, however, that the President has not taken military action entirely off the table. "That's an option the President maintains at all times," said this official, adding, "That's really the President's call."

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