August 06, 2014

Afghan ambassador outlines insider attack prevention efforts

Featuring David W. Barno, and USA (Ret.)

Source: Marine Corps Times

Journalists Jeff Schogol, Michelle Tan

The deadly insider attack that killed an Army major general and wounded more than a dozen other troops Tuesday has led to questions about the way ahead in Afghanistan and the strength of the partnership between coalition and Afghan troops.

The U.S. and NATO are drawing down in Afghanistan after more than 12 years of war. The goal is to transfer complete security responsibility to the Afghan National Security Forces by the end of this year.

President Obama has called for a force of 9,800 U.S. troops to continue to train and advise Afghan security forces through 2015. That number would be halved by the end of next year, with almost all U.S. troops scheduled to depart the country by the end of 2016.

After a spike in insider attacks in 2012, the number of incidents seemed to have declined even as the U.S. began drawing down its troops from the country.

But on Tuesday, a man believed to have been an Afghan soldier opened fire on a group of Western troops at The Marshal Fahim National Defense University in Kabul.

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  • David W. Barno

  • USA (Ret.)