October 05, 2014

American naval effort swarms of robots

Featuring Paul Scharre

Source: Israel Defense

Journalist Ami Rojkes Domb

Dangerous jobs such as explosives detection, battlefield reconnaissance, and precision air strikes robots have been delivered. Now, the American Navy decided he takes the technology a step further. According to a report on the site nationaldefensemagazine .org.

Experiment in August, a team of engineers and naval officers patrol 13 Award robotic James River in Virginia, and examined their ability to act autonomously swarm accompanying a large ship. Swarm had to identify the threat and neutralize it.

It took over a decade for the Navy to perfect the technology.The journey began 14 years ago, when suicide bombers detonated a small boat next to the destroyer USS Cole in Yemen port of Aden. The explosion ripped a hole in the hull, killing 17 American sailors. "If the destroyer was supported by unmanned craft autonomous, they were able to stop the attack," said the head of Naval Research Rear Admiral Matthew L. Klunder. Swarms of autonomous robots are now a reality in the Navy, he told reporters at the Pentagon.

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