April 10, 2012

As North Korea readies rocket test, U.S. policy faulted

Featuring Zachary Hosford

Source: McClatchy DC News

Journalist Matthew Scholfield

As North Korea said Tuesday that it was ready to launch a long-range rocket later this week, prompting stern criticism from U.S. officials, experts said the planned launch revealed weaknesses in American policy toward the rogue nation.

Saying the launch would violate U.N. Security Council resolutions that bar North Korea from testing ballistic missiles, White House spokesman Jay Carney said the United States would "work with our partners on next steps if North Korea goes through with this provocation."

Speaking after a meeting with her Japanese counterpart, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that the United States would pursue "appropriate action" against Pyongyang at the Security Council for an act that she argued would threaten regional security. Already, South Korea, Japan and the Philippines have gone on alert, with some airlines canceling or rerouting regional flights to steer clear of the rocket's trajectory.

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  • Zachary Hosford