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December 11, 2022

As US Watches, China and Saudi Arabia Shy Away from Defense Deals during Xi’s Visit

Featuring Jonathan Lord

Source: Al-Monitor

Journalist Jared Szuba

Recent claims in Chinese media following the Zhuhai Air Show last month that Riyadh had agreed to purchase some $4 billion worth of TB001 armed drones, YJ-21 hypersonic anti-ship ballistic missiles and Poly Technologies’ Silent Hunter laser counter-drone platform from Beijing remain unsubstantiated.

"The [Biden] administration’s ambitions to build a regional security architecture, which is explicit in the administration’s strategy documents, is running headlong into the prevailing political hesitation to arm Gulf partners,” Jonathan Lord, director of the Middle East Security Program at the Center for a New American Security, told Al-Monitor.

“Gulf nations have security interests and if the US is unwilling to sell them the systems they’re asking for, they will find alternatives,” Lord said. “Washington needs to be clear-eyed about its policy goals and understand there are costs associated with its choices. Half-in, half-out isn’t working.”

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