April 19, 2011

Center For American Progress Discussion On U.S. Objectives In Afghanistan

The Center for American Progress hosted panel discussions on the U.S. objectives in Afghanistan.  The discussions focused on U.S. counterinsurgency efforts and explored the viability of a negotiated political settlement in Afghanistan.

Panel 1:  Examining Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan  
Panelists discussed the impact of the past 18 months of counterinsurgency operations in Afghanistan and the implications that assessment has for future American strategic priorities in Afghanistan and beyond

Panel 2:  Negotiating Peace: A Viable Way to End the Afghan War? 
Panelists discussed whether a negotiated political settlement to end the war in Afghanistan is viable.  Members of the Century Foundation's International Task Force on Afghanistan talked about the prospects for negotiations, optimal timing and pacing, and the goals of the Afghan and international stakeholders that would shape or complicate the outcome.

 Click here to watch panel discussion.