May 23, 2023

ChatGPT’s Arrival on iPhone Sparks Reprise of Privacy Concerns

Source: TechNewsWorld

Journalist: John P. Mello Jr.

Caleb Withers, a research assistant at the Center for New American Security, a national security and defense think tank in Washington, D.C., explained that if a user types their name, place of work, and other personal information into a ChatGPT query, that data will not be anonymized.

“You have to ask yourself, ‘Is this something I would say to an OpenAI employee?'” he told TechNewsWorld.

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  • Caleb Withers

    Research Assistant, Technology and National Security Program

    Caleb Withers is a Research Assistant for the Technology and National Security Program at CNAS, supporting the center’s initiative on artificial intelligence safety and stabil...