April 27, 2017

Cherry blossoms and war drums: Trump's North Korean challenge

Featuring Richard Fontaine

Source: The Straits Times

Journalist Nirmal Ghosh

In Washington DC this spring, it is not only the season for cherry blossoms, but also of war drums. The focus: North Korea.

While war scenarios on the Korean peninsula are being crunched, there is one option that is not yet part of the conversation save for a few voices - that despite the aim of denuclearising the Korean peninsula, the best hope may be for the United States to learn to live with a nuclear-armed Korea. It may be able to get Pyongyang to freeze its weapons programme in exchange for guarantees.

But in the American context, it is too early for that conversation, analysts say. Diplomatic options including comprehensive sanctions must be exhausted first.

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  • Richard Fontaine

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