September 22, 2015

Chinese president emphasizes cybersecurity during Seattle visit

Featuring Zachary K. Goldman

Source: The Los Angeles Times

In a policy address peppered with Hollywood allusions and assurances of China’s economic health, President Xi Jinping pledged Tuesday that his country would protect the rights of foreign investors and vowed that the nation would “never close its open door to the world.”

Xi kicked off his first state visit to the U.S. with a rare speech to an American audience, a gathering of business executives in Washington state, a regular haunt of Chinese leaders and his country's No. 1 trading partner among the 50 states.

Emphasizing the importance of technology to his country and and his visit, Xi was joined at the head table by Bill and Melinda Gates, Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella, Qualcomm head Steve Mollenkopf and Lu Wei, China's cyberspace czar.

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