June 17, 2019

Did China's military-industrial-complex czar pass secrets abroad?

Featuring Elbridge Colby

Source: Nikkei Asian Review

Journalist Shunsuke Tabeta

China's drive to create a 21st century military-industrial complex has hit an obstacle: A key official leading it is under investigation by the country's top anti-corruption agency, possibly for leaking state secrets to other countries.

Peng Yuxing had been the vice governor of Sichuan province and the head of a working group tasked with bringing industrial technology to the military and war-making technology to the private sector. The initiative, labeled "civil-military integration," (CMI) is one of President Xi Jinping's pet projects.

Some believe the strategy is inspired by the U.S., where talk of a military-industrial complex goes back to the days after World War II. The project has sparked alarm in Washington.

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  • Elbridge Colby