February 13, 2017

Donald Trump in diplomatic blitz, reaffirms Japan alliance

Featuring Patrick M. Cronin

Source: The Straits Times

Journalist Nirmal Ghosh

US President Donald Trump and visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe appear to have got off to a good start at their summit in Washington DC, with Mr Trump saying at a joint press conference “We are committed to the security of Japan.”
The President also thanked Mr Abe for hosting US forces in Japan.

“We developed a great friendship” he said. “We have very good chemistry.”

The two leaders' joint statement said: “Amid an increasingly difficult security environment in the Asia-Pacific region, the United States will strengthen its presence in the region, and Japan will assume larger roles and responsibilities in the alliance.”

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  • Patrick M. Cronin

    Former Senior Advisor and Senior Director, Asia-Pacific Security Program

    Patrick M. Cronin is a former Senior Advisor and Senior Director of the Asia-Pacific Security Program at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). Previously, he was the ...