November 20, 2014

Extension of Iran nuclear talks would be a hard sell in Congress

Featuring Ilan Goldenberg

Source: Los Angeles Times

Journalist Paul Richter

In its efforts to strike a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration has faced a two-part challenge: forging an agreement in international negotiations and then selling it at home.

Now, with negotiators in Vienna five days from their deadline, it appears the second part of the task will be tougher than expected.

Many officials of the six world powers that have been negotiating with Iran predict they will not complete all aspects of a comprehensive agreement by the Nov. 24 deadline. British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond on Wednesday became the first top Western official to publicly acknowledge that the group may need more time for a deal.

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  • Ilan Goldenberg

    Former Senior Fellow and Director, Middle East Security Program

    Ilan Goldenberg is the former Senior Fellow and Director of the Middle East Security Program at the Center for a New American Security. He is a foreign policy and defense expe...