December 02, 2014

FBI Investigates North Korea Link To Sony Hack

Featuring Amy Chang

Source: U.S. News and World Report

Journalist Tom Risen

North Korea’s population has very scarce access to the Internet, but the dictatorship’s military employs highly trained hackers – prompting the FBI to investigate whether the rogue state hacked the networks of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and whether U.S. businesses face a similar attack.

The hack against Sony Pictures last week resulted in several of the company’s unreleased movies being leaked online, including “The Interview,” a movie due in theaters on Dec. 25 in which two Americans are recruited by the CIA to kill North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un. This has led to speculation that North Korea may have hacked Sony as political retaliation against the film. The FBI is investigating the malware attack against Sony, FBI spokesman Josh Campbell said in an email, adding “the targeting of public and private sector computer networks remains a significant threat.”

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  • Amy Chang