February 18, 2014

Global Insights: Russia-NATO Naval Operation Would Boost Syria Chemical Weapons Plan

Featuring Richard Weitz

Source: World Politics Review

Journalist Richard Weitz

That Russia and NATO are developing plans to conduct a rare joint maritime show of force to reaffirm their commitment to the Syrian chemical weapons elimination process is a good development. According to Reuters, Russian and U.S. warships will jointly escort a U.S. vessel, the USS Cape Ray, which has been re-equipped to destroy Syria's most dangerous chemical weapons. Russian and NATO experts are currently developing a unified command structure, possible rules of engagement and other details within the framework of the NATO-Russia Council, the most important alliance structure linking the parties. 

The escort mission would be largely symbolic since the Cape Ray is not facing any military threat; at worst, the vessel could face dangers from inclement weather or technical mishap. But the symbolism would be potent. Such a joint mission could re-energize the stalled elimination process in Syria and provide a basis for renewed Russian-NATO cooperation in other areas. ...

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  • Richard Weitz