March 03, 2015

Iran's Government Tries To Capitalize On Netanyahu Speech Tensions For Domestic Political Boost

Featuring Ilan Goldenberg

Source: International Business Times

Journalist Lora Moftah

Iran has closely watched the controversy that erupted around Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Tuesday speech to Congress, with political factions in the country vying to capitalize on the tensions between Israel’s government and the administration of President Barack Obama. While Netanyahu has warned Iran will be more dangerous than ever if the West agrees to a nuclear deal with Iran, the public rifts that have emerged with Washington around his controversial address could actually strengthen the position of the Islamic Republic’s more moderate political faction against the hardline clerical establishment, experts said.

In his speech to Congress, the Israeli prime minister warned a proposed agreement between Iran and world powers would pave the way for the Islamic Republic to obtain nuclear weapons, posing an existential risk to Israel. "Iran's regime is as radical as ever," Netanyahu argued. "This regime will always be an enemy of America,” he said. Iran rejected those claims later Tuesday, calling Netanyahu's statements "boring and repetitive." Netanyahu has made similar remarks on previous occasions. But his decision to do so in a speech in front of Congress, without prior consultation with the White House, rankled the Obama administration and provoked one of the most public disputes between the two allies in recent years.

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