April 09, 2019

Moon Heads to White House Aiming to End North Korea Impasse

Featuring Duyeon Kim

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Journalists Timothy W. Martin, Dasl Yoon

South Korea’s president, who played peacemaker by bringing the North Korean regime to talks with his U.S. ally, now faces the challenge of persuading both sides to make concessions he argues can help get Kim Jong Un to give up his nuclear arsenal.

President Trump and the North Korean leader hit an impasse at nuclear talks in Hanoi in February, with the U.S. demanding disarmament and North Korea demanding economic incentives.

When President Moon Jae-in meets Mr. Trump at the White House on Thursday, at issue will be whether the South Korean leader can push forward the detente that brought the peninsula back from the brink of war.

Mr. Moon’s objective, in his third official visit to Washington, will be establishing a road map for the U.S. and North Korea, creating an avenue for a resumption of denuclearization talks, a senior South Korean national-security official said Tuesday. As part of that effort, the Moon administration plans to invite Mr. Trump to visit Seoul by the end of June, the official said.

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