April 14, 2019

N. Korea, US leave door open for diplomacy, but still no sign of middle ground

Featuring Duyeon Kim

Source: Stars and Stripes

Journalist Kim Gamel

North Korea’s leader and President Donald Trump said this weekend that the door remains open for diplomacy but gave no hints about how the impasse over nuclear weapons could be resolved.

Kim Jong Un, newly christened at home as the supreme representative of all the Korean people, said Friday that he is open to a third summit with Trump despite the abrupt breakdown of their previous meeting in Vietnam.

He warned continued deadlock risked reviving tensions and set an end-of-year deadline for the United States to offer a mutually acceptable approach to negotiations.

The Trump administration has said the Feb. 27-28 Hanoi summit ended without agreement because the North made excessive demands for relief from economic sanctions in exchange for limited disarmament measures.

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  • Duyeon Kim