August 02, 2022

Nancy Pelosi’s expected Taiwan trip and her ‘hate-hate’ relationship with Beijing

Source: WION

Journalist: Sneha Swaminathan

In the year 1991, a relatively new Congresswoman from California, Nancy Pelosi stunned the Chinese authorities when she spread out a banner in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square dedicated to the pro-democracy student activists massacred there. A saga that started in 1991, continues to date.


“She’s not viewing Taiwan through the lens of what’s happening right now,” said Daniel Silverberg, a former foreign policy adviser to House Democratic leadership. “She’s viewing it through the lens of a 30-year history of activism.”

Her diplomacy took on an even greater prominence during Donald Trump’s years as a counterweight to the former President’s isolationist policies.

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  • Daniel Silverberg

    Adjunct Senior Fellow, Managing Director of Corporate Practice, Capstone

    Daniel Silverberg is an adjunct senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security. He also serves as Capstone’s Managing Director of Corporate Practice and co-leads the ...