January 16, 2015

Obama, Cameron to talk counterterrorism, economy

Featuring Julianne Smith

Source: USA Today

President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron face a crowded agenda as they meet Thursday and Friday, one that includes terrorism, Russia and the economy.

One other item that may be on Cameron's mind: whether this will be his last visit to the White House as prime minister.

Cameron is looking at what could be a tough re-election battle in May as he, Obama and other world leaders deal with renewed fears of terrorism, tensions with Russia and concerns about global economic growth.

The Obama-Cameron summit takes place a week after terrorist attacks in Paris. In an op-ed for The Times of London, Obama and Cameron wrote that events in France are a reminder that "terrorism, conflict and instability" threaten free people everywhere.

"Today we recommit ourselves to our enduring mission: protecting our peoples, safeguarding our economies and defending our values," they wrote.

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