October 07, 2014

Obama heading to Pentagon to get update on fight against Islamic State

Featuring David W. Barno, and USA (Ret.)

Source: Military Times / Army Times

Journalist Jeff Schogol

President Obama will be briefed Wednesday at the Pentagon by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and combatant commanders on operations to confront the Islamic State in the Middle East and contain the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, said Air Force Col. Ed Thomas, a spokesman for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Obama and the military commanders are likely to examine whether the current U.S. strategy to combat the Islamic State using mainly air power is succeeding, said retired Army Lt. Gen. David Barno, a senior fellow with the Center for a New American Security think tank in Washington, D.C.

By now, it should be apparent what airstrikes can and cannot do, Barno said.

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  • David W. Barno

  • USA (Ret.)