January 13, 2015

Seoul in quandary over anti-NK leaflets

Featuring Van Jackson

The South Korean government is struggling with the decision of whether or not to control the launch across the border of balloons filled with leaflets urging North Korean people to revolt against their leader.

The distribution of the leaflets, organized by North Korean defectors-turned-activists, has long been a major source of tension between the two Koreas and has led to an exchange of heavy machine-gun fire between the two countries on Oct. 10. But Seoul has dismissed Pyongyang's demands to ban the campaigns, citing the people's right to freedom of speech.

However, the government has recently come under fire for neglecting to monitor the campaign, which is threatening to jeopardize the unexpected conciliatory mood between the two Koreas. On New Year's Day, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un proposed an inter-Korean summit, to which the South responded positively.

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  • Van Jackson

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