September 10, 2019

‘Severe Instability:’ Trump Boots Bolton, Third National Security Advisor

Source: Breaking Defense

Journalist: Colin Clark

President Donald Trump today fired John Bolton, the fire-eating National Security Advisor who pressed for conflict with Iran and many other places. The next advisor, who Trump tweeted today would be picked next week, will be the mercurial president’s fifth (OK– technically the fourth, since Keith Kellogg was acting) since taking office in January 2017.

As appears to be the case with his press secretaries — and perhaps everyone who works for him — Trump ultimately only trusts himself to make decisions and, often, to run things. Given that delegation is a key ability for a president to be able to use the immense machinery of government to his advantage, this raises questions not just about the president’s policy judgements, but also about the government’s ability to plan for and implement those decisions.

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