April 19, 2017

Syrian Democratic Forces set up post-ISIS Raqqa council

By Nicholas Heras

Source: ARA News

Journalist(s) Wladimir Van Wilgenburg, Helin Saeed

The Kurdish-Arab alliance of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), leading a multi-pronged battle against ISIS near the city of Raqqa, announced on Tuesday the creation of a “civilian council” to administer the city after its liberation from Islamic State’s (ISIS) militants.

“The civilian council of Raqqa will be charged with administering Raqqa and the surrounding province after liberation,” the Syrian Democratic Forces’ General Command said in a statement.

The SDF announced the establishment of the council during a meeting in Ain Issa area, a former ISIS stronghold some 50 kilometres north of Raqqa city, in northern Syria.

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