November 03, 2018

Syrian Kurds says US not pleased with Turkish cross-border shelling

Featuring Nicholas Heras

Source: Kurdistan 24

Journalist Wladimir Van Wilgenburg

Aldar Xelil, a Diplomatic Relations spokesperson for the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), says the US is unhappy with Turkey’s cross-border shelling which began on Tuesday.

“They [the US] are saying we are not satisfied. In this way, they don’t accept the Turkish approach,” Xelil told Kurdistan 24 on Friday.

“They are saying this, but we cannot depend on these words and sit, and rely on it,” he added. “They should pressure them [Turkey]; the US just saying to Turkey it’s not acceptable will not work.”

“We have to make our own preparations and make our own decision for resisting,” the spokesperson affirmed.

Quiet returned to the Syrian-Turkish border this weekend after several days of cross-border shelling.

On Saturday, US ambassador William V. Roebuck visited Hawar news journalist Gulistan Mihemed, who was previously injured on Friday, and wished her a speedy recovery.

Moreover, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, David Hale, in a meeting with his Turkish counterpart, Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal, on Friday called “for a halt of exchanges of fire in the area, and underscored the need for stability in northeast Syria to ensure the enduring defeat of” the Islamic State (IS).

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