June 21, 2020

The Arctic Eats Helicopters, So Russia Is Sending Drones Instead

Featuring Samuel Bendett

Source: Forbes

Journalist David Axe

Russian defense firm Rostec is partnering with a small Latvian startup to make tiltrotor drones for dangerous Arctic operations.

Think of it as a tiny, robotic, cold-weather version of the U.S. military’s MV-22 Osprey. A drone that takes off and lands like a helicopter but flies like an airplane.

RIA News announced Rostec’s new partnership with Riga-based Aeroxo in a Wednesday story. “The Roselektronika holding (part of Rostec) will begin production of unmanned convertiplanes, which in the future will be able to operate in the Far North,” RIA News reported.

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  • Samuel Bendett

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