March 11, 2014

The folly of nuclear armament

Featuring Elbridge Colby

Source: Korea Joongang Daily

Journalist Moon Chung-in

“Will America’s Asian allies go nuclear?” This provocative question is the title of an article by David Santoro, a senior fellow who specializes in nonproliferation and nuclear security issues at the Pacific Forum CSIS. It was published in The National Interest’s February edition. His article triggered an unexpected controversy among nonproliferation experts and researchers on the alliance with the United States. 

In his article, Santoro said voices in South Korean and Japan are calling for the creation of their own atomic weapons and moving beyond the nuclear umbrella provided by the United States. North Korea’s provocative behaviors, China’s aggressive rise and the weakening of the security pledge by America for the Asia-Pacific region, including defense budget cuts, prompted the arguments, he said. 

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  • Elbridge Colby