March 20, 2017

The 'old Corps' under siege. The photo scandal and the big changes coming soon.

Featuring Amy Schafer

Source: Marine Corps Times

Journalists Jeff Schogol, Shawn Snow

The Marine Corps has always struggled with change.  

A decade ago, when the Corps adopted new desert boots and the ­digital-pattern, wash-and-wear camouflage uniforms, many older Marines scoffed.  

“They labeled us ‘soft’ and bitched about how in the ‘old Corps’ Marines knew the value of shining boots and starching cammies,” recalled Ethan Field, a former Marine infantry squad leader and foreign affairs professional.

For the past 15 years, the Marine Corps has faced mounting pressure to modernize and adapt, responding to both a changing battlefield overseas and the civilian society’s expectations back at home. While breaking with tradition has often made the Corps stronger, it also inspires frustration and scorn among the “old Corps.”

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  • Amy Schafer

    Former Research Associate, Military, Veterans, and Society Program

    Amy Schafer is a former fellow at the Center for a New American Security, where she focuses on civil-military relations, issues facing military families and veterans, and mili...