August 19, 2021

The shipping supply chain is stressed from Covid. That makes it ripe for hackers.

Source: NBC

Journalist: Kevin Collier

The global supply chain, where goods are shipped all over the world, is already stretched thin thanks to a year and a half of operating during a pandemic. It really doesn’t need hackers mucking things up further.

But experts warn that the $100 billion shipping industry — especially the heavily computerized ports that receive cargo ships, as well as the actual crafts — are ripe targets for ransomware attacks. And the U.S. shipping industry is already backed up, as the coronavirus pandemic has caused a backlog with Americans ordering more goods to their home than ever before.

Ransomware can hamper practically any organization that’s connected to the internet: Schools, hospitals, manufacturers, city governments and police departments are all frequent targets. But the shipping industry, more than most, relies heavily on the interaction between a number of different digital systems, from ports and cities to individual ships and the companies that own them.

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  • Dr. Nina Kollars

    Former Adjunct Senior Fellow, Defense Program, Associate Professor, Cyber & Innovation Policy Institute (CIPI), Naval War College

    Dr. Nina Kollars is a former adjunct senior fellow for the Defense Program. Associate Professor in the Cyber & Innovation Policy Institute (CIPI) within the Naval War Coll...