September 21, 2020

The Trump foreign policies Biden might keep

Featuring Richard Fontaine


Journalist Nahal Toosi

It’s the type of question that does not land well with advisers to Joe Biden: Aren’t there some Donald Trump foreign policy decisions they should keep, and maybe even build upon, if Biden wins the White House?

After an initial “Are you kidding?!” cooler-headed Biden advisers grudgingly admit that maybe, just maybe, some of the current president’s approaches are worth considering. It makes political sense, for example, to take a harder line toward Beijing, given how negatively the U.S. public now views China. In other cases, such as keeping the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, it seems like a fait accompli.

World leaders, who are appearing this week at a largely virtual United Nations General Assembly, are closely watching the U.S. election. International diplomats privately say they expect a putative President Biden to reverse many Trump policies, but they also hope that wild swings in U.S. foreign policy don’t become the norm in the years ahead.

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  • Richard Fontaine

    Chief Executive Officer

    Richard Fontaine is the Chief Executive Officer of CNAS. He served as President of CNAS from 2012–19 and as Senior Fellow from 2009–12. Prior to CNAS, he was foreign policy ad...