Image credit: Department of Defense photograph by Lt. J. G. Joe Painter

August 23, 2021

Three ways the victory of the Taliban might reverberate around the world

Featuring Richard Fontaine

Source: CNBC

Journalist Abigail Ng

World leaders are racing to evacuate their citizens from Afghanistan after the Taliban’s lightning takeover last week — but the impact of the Islamist militants’ control will have implications beyond its borders, analysts warn.

The capital of Kabul fell into the hands of the ultraconservative militants more than a week ago, marking the collapse of the civilian government as the U.S. withdrew its military presence ahead of the Aug. 31 deadline.

The international community will likely have to confront three issues as the Taliban’s takeover reverberates across the globe, experts told CNBC.

They include: a rise in terrorism activities, an influx of refugees as Afghans flee violence and persecution, as well as escalating tensions between India and its neighbors, Pakistan and China.

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