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June 12, 2019

Trump Is Set to Send More Troops Overseas—This Time to Poland

Featuring Rachel Rizzo

Source: The Atlantic

Journalist Kathy Gilsinan

With a president forever battling questions about his ties to Russia, Donald Trump’s administration keeps finding ways to confront the country. There have been sanctions, diplomat expulsions, and NATO buildups; on Wednesday, there was the announcement of a framework for deploying a further 1,000 troops to Poland.

The troops will reportedly be focused on logistics rather than combat, and they will come with a set of intelligence drones and plans for a U.S. military headquarters in Poland. “This is about creating the infrastructure and the abilities to respond to a variety of security threats that face the NATO alliance,” Eric Pahon, a Defense Department spokesman, said in an interview. “We’ve seen a steady pattern of Russian aggression and destabilizing activities over the past 20 years or more.”

Yet in the face of a possible military menace to the east—one that’s already carved chunks out of neighboring territories such as Georgia and Ukraine—how much can another 1,000 troops really achieve?

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