January 11, 2017

Trump picks top vets health official as the next VA secretary

Featuring Phillip Carter

Source: The Military Times

Journalist Leo Shane III

President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday named the Department of Veterans Affairs top health official his pick to run the entire veterans bureaucracy, a surprise move that puts a non-veteran in line for the post for the first time. 

Dr. David Shulkin, who has served as VA Under Secretary for Health since June 2015, is the first nominee held over from President Barack Obama’s administration. Trump made the announcement at his first press conference since the November election, and after a lengthy search which included dozens of potential candidates. 

“He’s fantastic,” Trump said. “He will do a truly great job. One of the commitments I made is that we’re going to straighten out the whole situation for veterans. Our veterans have been treated horribly … I think you’ll be very impressed with David and the job he does.” 

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