October 03, 2018

US and Chinese warships came perilously close to collision, and it’s probably going to keep happening

Featuring Ely Ratner

Source: PRI

Journalist Matthew Cox

The grainy surveillance photos look like something from the Cold War. But they were captured early this week, when a US Navy destroyer had to change course to avoid colliding with a Chinese warship somewhere in the South China Sea.

The images show two ships, apparently cruising next to each other at a dangerous distance of only 45 yards apart. Check out those photos.

It’s just the sort of incident that military strategists might use in a war planning scenario to explain how one thing can lead to another, and two world powers could quickly find themselves in a serious — even potentially nuclear — confrontation.

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  • Ely Ratner

    Former Executive Vice President and Director of Studies

    Ely Ratner is the former Executive Vice President and Director of Studies at the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), where he was a member of the executive team and res...