May 18, 2017

Vladimir Putin took time at a press conference to gloat about Trump

Featuring Phillip Carter

Source: Vox

Journalist Zack Beauchamp

Russian President Vladimir Putin loves to troll the United States. But he took it to new heights during a press conference in Sochi, Russia, on Wednesday morning.

In the midst of the raging controversies in Washington over the James Comey memo and Trump’s disclosure of sensitive intelligence on ISIS in an Oval Office meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Putin offered to provide a transcript of the controversial Trump-Lavrov meeting: “If the US administration finds it necessary, we are ready to provide the record of the conversation between Trump and Lavrov to the Senate and Congress.”

Putin’s comments amounted to a victory lap after his successful intervention in the US election — which accomplished more than Putin probably imagined it ever could.

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