February 08, 2017

What really caused that F-35 price drop

Featuring Amy Schafer

Source: Federal News Radio

Journalist Tom Temin

Ronald Reagan famously said, there is no limit to the good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.

So who gets the credit for a price breakthrough in the next order for the controversial and long-troubled F-35 fighter? We know who’s taking  the credit.

In Pentagon-Lockheed-speak, the Low Rate Initial Production Number 10 covers the next 90 copies of the F-35. Most, 76 to be exact, are F-35As — “A” meaning the Air Force version that takes off normally from a runway. Of these, 44 go to the Air Force and the rest to allies. That includes eight for Australia, whose prime minister had a testy phone call last with President Donald Trump. Mexico isn’t buying the F-35.

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  • Amy Schafer

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