Image credit: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine/Twitter

October 17, 2022

What to Know about the Iranian Kamikaze Drones Russia Is Using to Attack Ukraine

Featuring Samuel Bendett

Source: ABC News

Journalist Patrick Reevell

Iran’s government has denied it is supplying drones to Russia to use in Ukraine but their deployment has already been widely documented since September. Ukrainian troops regularly post images of their wreckage and the drones' distinctive wing shape makes them easily identifiable.

The 11-foot-long, propeller-powered drones are relatively unsophisticated, according to defense analysts, but still pose a serious threat, particularly if Russia receives them in large numbers.

The Shahed-136 relies on a small civilian motor and commercially available GPS systems, making it vulnerable to jamming and relatively easy to bring down, Samuel Bendett, an expert on Russian unmanned military systems at CNA, a Virginia-based security research group, told ABC News. Russian troops have taken to nicknaming the drones “mopeds", he said.

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  • Samuel Bendett

    Adjunct Senior Fellow, Technology and National Security Program

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