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April 11, 2018

Why might Syria's regime have dropped toxic gas on Ghouta?

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Source: AFP

Journalist Alice Hackman

Beirut (AFP) - Syria's regime has denied dropping toxic weapons on Eastern Ghouta, but analysts say they could have been used as a tactic to finally reconquer the last rebel enclave outside Damascus.

Rescuers and medics said Saturday's alleged toxic attack killed at least 40 people in the last opposition holdout of Douma and left hundreds with symptoms consistent with those of exposure to a chemical agent.

Global outrage has mounted and the United States has threatened to take punitive action, but it has not been possible to independently verify the reports.

Analysts say the regime might have chosen to carry out a chlorine attack to avoid any further heavy losses among its troops and to ensure rebel group Jaish al-Islam left Douma under terms set by Damascus.

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