August 28, 2014

Work on Syria Strikes Resolution Would Delay - or Kill - Pentagon Policy, Spending Bills

Featuring Richard Fontaine

Source: Defense News

Journalist JOHN T. BENNETT

WASHINGTON — With only about a dozen legislative days left before November’s midterm elections, a US congressional debate and vote on a Syria strikesauthorization measure could further delay work on two defense bills.

The House and Senate are slated to get back to work the second week of September. But both chambers are expected to leave again before that month ends so members can focus exclusively on the campaign trail in October.

The Senate’s official calendar is slated to be in session again starting Sept. 8, but is expected to adjourn for an October-long campaign recess. One report has Senate leaders eyeing a late-September Washington departure.

The House is slated to have only 12 legislative days in September and early October, and is scheduled to leave town on Oct. 2.

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