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Evolving the Future Force

Evolving the Future Force is a multi-year project designed to examine how the joint force should adapt to adversary innovations across the spectrum of conflict. State and non-state actors are investing in novel capabilities and concepts of operation that challenge traditional U.S. modes of power projection. U.S. military forces must evolve and adapt to respond to these challenges. This project explores the necessary attributes and capabilities of the future joint force and how to evolve it in a cost-effective manner. This effort examines opportunities to build on existing programs, capitalize on emerging technologies, leverage a high-low mix of assets, and experiment with new operational paradigms.

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Research Team

  • Dr. Jerry Hendrix

    Senior Fellow and Director, Defense Strategies and Assessments Program

  • Paul Scharre

    Senior Fellow and Director, Future of Warfare Initiative

  • Adam Routh

    Research Associate, Defense Strategies and Assessments Program

  • Alexander Velez-Green

    Research Associate, Defense Strategies and Assessments Program