January 31, 2018

Foreign policy hands debate U.S. role in Europe

Featuring Victoria Nuland

Source: Politico

Journalist Elizabeth Castillo

Foreign policy hands debated the U.S.'s role in Europe and NATO's future during a debate Wednesday night hosted by the Brookings Institution’s foreign policy program in partnership with POLITICO and the Charles Koch Institute.

The back and forth comes as the Trump administration has grappled with how to assert itself in Europe.

Barry R. Posen, the Ford International Professor of Political Science at MIT, argued that the EU would be better off if it ended its relationship with NATO and said the U.S. needed to more forcefully set its own priorities.

“The United States needs to pull on its horn, it has to find ways to set priorities,” he said. “It has to find ways to get others to pay the cost of managing global security.”

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  • Victoria Nuland