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Energy, Economics & Security

Commodities 2024: Global crude supplies seen giving Biden wiggle room on oil sanctions

US gasoline prices in 2024 will be a factor in any Biden administration decision to tighten oil-related sanctions in an election year when prices at the pump could sway voters...

Energy, Economics & Security

How a Yemeni rebel group is creating chaos in the global economy

Some countries may feel the impact directly, such as the cash-strapped government of Egypt, which earns more than $9 billion a year from Suez Canal transit fees. But given the...

Energy, Economics & Security

US Treasury sanctions companies, tankers for violating G7-led price cap on Russian crude

The new sanctions are a part of the shift that the US took towards enforcement of the price cap in October, and they may lead G7 companies to become more reluctant to trade wi...

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