Alexander Sullivan

Adjunct Fellow, Indo-Pacific Security Program

Research Areas

Alexander Sullivan is an Adjunct Fellow in the Indo-Pacific Security Program, where he focuses on US-China relations, maritime security, regional military modernization and U.S. alliances, and the role of energy in geopolitics. His writing and analysis has appeared in Foreign Policy online, The National Interest online, The Diplomat, China-US Focus and various CNAS publications. His commentary has been featured in Singapore's Straits Times, Huffington Post, Voice of America's Mandarin language service, and US News and World Report.

Prior to assuming his current position, Mr. Sullivan was an Associate Fellow at CNAS.

Mr. Sullivan holds an M.A. in Chinese History from Columbia University. His historical research focused on Chinese economic and security policies toward Mongolia and Central Asia, and on China in a wider Eurasian context. He graduated magna cum laude from Columbia College with an A.B. in East Asian Languages and Cultures.

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