Next Generation National Security Leaders Fellowship

Now in its eighth year, the Center for a New American Security selects 20 national security leaders ages 27-35 to participate in monthly dinner discussions on leadership and management in the field of national security. Through these discussions, the Next Gen Fellows will be able to learn and benefit from the lessons and experiences of those who led before them. Last year’s dinner guests included General Stanley McChrystal, Admiral Michael Mullen, Josh Bolten, Secretary Madeleine Albright, Nate Fick, among others. The bipartisan group of emerging analysts and practitioners will work to develop a deeper understanding of U.S. national security interests and policies as well as leadership principles and best practices.

In addition to monthly dinners, CNAS Next Generation fellows will have the opportunity to contribute to collaborative writing projects with CNAS experts as well as with their fellow classmates and will be invited to participate in many of the small, invitation-only meetings CNAS hosts throughout the year. Additionally the Next Gen fellows will be invited to take part in an exclusive week-long international study tour and several local visits and meetings throughout the year.

CNAS thanks its partners Lockheed Martin and the American Express Foundation for its generous support of the program.

Unless otherwise stated, all events will take place at CNAS in Washington. There is no cost to participate in the program, though individuals are responsible for the cost of travel to CNAS for the monthly sessions.

Current and Past Next Generation National Security Fellows

Next Gen Class of 2014

Next Gen Class of 2012-2013

Next Gen Class of 2011-2012

Next Gen Class of 2010-2011

Next Gen Class of 2009-2010