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Technology & National Security

The New War of Ideas

A new battlespace emerged in the post-9/11 counterterrorism era, encompassing the halls of U.S. technology companies and the alleys of Raqqa alike....


Beating the Americans at Their Own Game

China is keenly focused on blunting the U.S. military’s technological superiority, even as it strives to achieve technological parity, and eventually technological dominance....


Why America Needs a New Way of War

Executive Summary For the first time in decades, it is possible to imagine the United States fighting—and possibly losing—a large-scale war with a great power. For generations...


Audio & Video

  1. CNAS Tech: Discussing a Long-Awaited Executive Order on 5G Security
  2. Dr. John A. Gans, Jr., on "White House Warriors" and the National Security Council
  3. How China Is Reshaping International Organizations From the Inside Out
  4. In or Out? What Should the U.S. Do in Syria?

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