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Middle East Security

Ending Gaza’s Perpetual Crisis

Executive Summary Situation Overview A crisis is unfolding in the Gaza Strip. Its nearly 2 million residents live amid a man-made humanitarian disaster, with severe urban cr...

Stories from the Backchannel

Stories from the Backchannel is a CNAS podcast program that examines the stories behind some of America's most important national security moments. Hosted by CNAS Middle East ...

Technology & National Security

Senator Mark R. Warner: A New Doctrine for Cyberwarfare & Information Operations

Dec 7, 2018

Washington, DC


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  1. Autonomous Weapons and the Future of War
  2. Alina Polyakova on the Russian Provocation in the Sea of Azov
  3. When Middle East Peace Almost Happened
  4. Anna Wieslander on Swedish Elections and the Nordic View of European Defense

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