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Dangerous Straits: Wargaming a Future Conflict over Taiwan

Stacie Pettyjohn, Becca Wasser, Chris Dougherty | June 15, 2022

Technology & National Security

Regenerate: Biotechnology and U.S. Industrial Policy

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity—not a threat.”1 —Steve Jobs Executive Summary A revolution in biotechnology is dawning at the precise moment the wor...

Indo-Pacific Security

Operationalizing the Quad

Download the Full Report Executive Summary The Quad—made up of Australia, India, Japan, and the United States—is becoming the principal multilateral group shaping the geo-ec...

Energy, Economics & Security

Sanctions by the Numbers: Economic Measures against Russia Following Its 2022 Invasion of Ukraine

Executive Summary Following the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine in late February, the United States and its allies have unleashed an impressive array of economic measur...


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  1. The Latest Phase of the War in Ukraine, with Mike Kofman and Jeff Edmonds
  2. CNAS Gaming Lab on Meet the Press
  3. China's Digital Currency and Authoritarianism
  4. Better Together: The Case for a Technology Alliance

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