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Martijn Rasser, Ainikki Riikonen, Henry Wu | December 02, 2021

Indo-Pacific Security

The Future of the Digital Order

Executive Summary Nations that successfully harness the vast economic, political, and societal power of emerging information and communications technologies will shape the fut...

Middle East Security

When Less Is More

Executive Summary For the past 20 years, the U.S. military has invested heavily in the Middle East. Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump both attempted to shift assets out...


The Poison Frog Strategy

Introduction How could Taiwan and the United States respond if China seized one of Taiwan’s outlying islands, such as Pratas/Dongsha (hereafter Dongsha) in the South China Sea...


  • In The News
    • The Daily Times Pakistan
    • December 5, 2021
    US-China Standoff

    The Biden administration has placed a dozen Chinese companies on its trade blacklist on November 23, 2021, citing US national security as well as foreign policy logics. The la...

    By Jacob Stokes

  • In The News
    • NBC News
    • December 3, 2021
    In Peng Shuai Case, Critics See History of IOC Treating Authoritarian Hosts with Kid Gloves

    When Olympics organizers held a video call with Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai, many activists and experts said it was merely a continuation of a decadeslong trend in which th...

    By Kelley Eckels Currie

  • In The News
    • Popular Science
    • December 3, 2021
    Meet the ‘Spy Stone,’ a Russian Robot Disguised as a Rock

    Under lightly falling snow, a soldier sets a rock on the ground. A moment later the rock animates, extending first a periscope-like camera, and then lifting the whole of its r...

    By Samuel Bendett

  • In The News
    • Air Force Magazine
    • December 3, 2021
    Hacking the Supply Chain

    As far back as January 2013, a Defense Science Board task force report, “Resilient Military Systems and the Advanced Cyber Threat,” warned that adversaries could exploit cyber...

    By Laura G. Brent

  • Press Note
    • December 2, 2021
    Michèle Flournoy and Richard Fontaine Named to Defense Policy Board

    The Department of Defense named Michèle Flournoy, Chair of the CNAS Board of Directors, and Richard Fontaine, CNAS CEO, to the Defense Policy Board, chaired by Madeleine K. Al...

    By Richard Fontaine & Michèle Flournoy

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