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Containing Crisis

Emily Kilcrease, Emily Jin, Rachel Ziemba | December 07, 2021


When the Chips Are Down

Introduction The United States is in a strategic competition with a well-resourced and capable opponent. China seeks a global role that is broadly at odds with the strategic i...

Indo-Pacific Security

Dealing with a Taliban-Controlled Afghanistan

Executive Summary Nearly 20 years after U.S. forces overturned Taliban rule in Afghanistan, the fundamentalist Islamist movement is back in power. This follows the U.S. troop ...

Energy, Economics & Security

Sanctions by the Numbers: 2021 Year in Review

Introduction The first year of President Joe Biden’s administration witnessed major developments in U.S. sanctions strategy, including a general review of all sanctions progra...


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  3. Flash Release: Angela Stent and Michael Kofman React to Developing Russian Escalation
  4. Better Together: The Case for a Technology Alliance

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