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Risk and Responsibility

Becca Wasser, Jennie Matuschak | May 10, 2022

Indo-Pacific Security

Global Island

China under Chinese Communist Party (CCP) General Secretary Xi Jinping has ramped up political, economic, and military pressure on Taiwan. The roots of Beijing’s pressure camp...

Technology & National Security

The Tangled Web We Wove

The pendulum of globalization has swung too far. What the fallout of the ongoing pandemic makes clear is that decades of offshoring and cost-cutting in the pursuit of efficien...

CNAS 2022 National Security Conference: Security in the Balance

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  1. Flash Release: Russia-Ukraine Escalations & Off-ramps with Mike Kofman and Jeff Edmonds
  2. The Sanctions on Russia, Explained
  3. China's Digital Currency and Authoritarianism
  4. Better Together: The Case for a Technology Alliance

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