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Russia in the Arctic: Gauging How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Will Alter Regional Dynamics

Andrea Kendall-Taylor, Jim Townsend, Nicholas Lokker, Heli Hautala, Col James Frey, with contributions from Jim Danoy, Rebecca Pincus, Katarzyna Zysk | September 15, 2022

Technology & National Security

Artificial Intelligence and Arms Control

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) pose immense opportunity for militaries around the world. With this rising potential for AI-enabled military systems, some activists a...

Indo-Pacific Security

Competitive Connectivity

China launched the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)—originally called “One Belt, One Road”—nine years ago, pledging to use its vast financial resources and construction capacity...

Energy, Economics & Security

Rewire: Semiconductors and U.S. Industrial Policy

As the United States considers industrial policy for the first time in decades, it should learn lessons from prior government efforts to shape the semiconductor industry, in t...


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