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Make Good Choices, DoD

Susanna V. Blume, Molly Parrish | November 20, 2019

Technology & National Security

Securing Our 5G Future

Elsa B. Kania examines Washington and Beijing’s approaches to 5G development and proposes an American strategy for 5G security....

Military, Veterans, & Society

From Sea to Shining Sea

In a new online tool, Carole House, Emma Moore, Brent Peabody, and Kayla Williams catalogue benefits for the veteran community offered by each state so that stakeholders can e...

Middle East Security

In Dire Straits?

In a joint report from CNAS and Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University SIPA, Ilan Goldenberg, Jessica Schwed, and Kaleigh Thomas assess what would happen to the...


Audio & Video

  1. Norway, NATO, and the High North with Norwegian State Secretary Audun Halvorsen
  2. The Low Road: Charting China's Digital Expansion
  3. Andrea Kendall-Taylor Appears on Andrea Mitchell Reports
  4. Discussing Turkey’s Offensive Against the Kurds in Syria with Nick Heras

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