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Image credit: Rin Rothback for CNAS | Photos: guvendemir/Getty Images, Anton Petrus/Getty Images

How Finnish and Swedish NATO Accession Could Shape the Future Russian Threat

Nicholas Lokker, Jim Townsend, Heli Hautala, Andrea Kendall-Taylor | January 24, 2023


No I in Team

The United States faces a strategic landscape unlike anything it has encountered in its recent history. It faces a rising great power in China, a diminished but still dangerou...

Military, Veterans & Society

Protecting the Protectors: Preventing and Mitigating Domestic Violent Extremism in the Military, Veteran, and Law Enforcement Communities

Executive Summary In recent years, the involvement of currently serving military members and law enforcement officers, as well as veterans of those two professions, in domesti...


Precision and Posture: Defense Spending Trends and the FY23 Budget Request

This report examines the fiscal year (FY) 2023 defense budget request and assesses whether it sufficiently resources what was known of the Biden administration’s national defe...


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