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Bolstering Congressional Support for NATO

Rachel Rizzo, Carrie Cordero | March 20, 2019

Asia-Pacific Security

Contested Spaces

As the competition between the United States and China to shape the course of the 21st century intensifies, Southeast Asia has become a contested space....

Asia-Pacific Security

The Autocrat’s New Tool Kit

Chinese authorities are now using the tools of big data to detect departures from “normal” behavior among Muslims in the country’s Xinjiang region—and then to identify each su...

Military, Veterans, & Society

Dispelling the Myth of Women in Special Operations

The military often promotes a culture of hypermasculinity and is largely seen as a “man’s world,” which is not surprising given that the overall number of active duty women of...


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  2. Podcast: The Autocrat’s New Tool Kit
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  4. CNAS Tech: How (Not) to Talk About AI & Lethality

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