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The National Defense Strategy Commission Report: Debating the Key Issues

Kathleen Hicks, Dr. Andrew Krepinevich, Jr., Roger Zakheim, Elbridge Colby, Robert O. Work | January 15, 2019

Military, Veterans, & Society

To Retain Today’s Talent, the DoD Must Support Dual-Professional Couples

Talent management in the Department of Defense has received a great deal of critical attention over the last few years, but much of this thinking has centered on how the milit...

Strategy & Statecraft

The Shutdown Is Doing Lasting Damage to National Security

As the longest government shutdown in American history drags on, it’s not just hurting the morale of America’s federal work force and the broader American economy. It’s hurtin...


Dear Pentagon: It’s Not How Big Your Budget Is. It’s How You Use It.

Over the past two months, unusually public negotiations between the White House and the U.S. Department of Defense on the 2020 defense budget request have bounced from $733 bi...


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