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How Congress can help ensure US leadership in artificial intelligence

Paul Scharre, Ainikki Riikonen | January 16, 2019

U.S. Strategies to Counter Russia: A Commentary Series

Nearly five years after the United States and the European Union implemented a wide-ranging set of sanctions in response to Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea, Russia conti...


The National Defense Strategy Commission Report: Debating the Key Issues

Jan 15, 2019

Energy, Economics, & Security

Financial Networks of Mass Destruction

Jan 25, 2019

Washington, District of Columbia


  • In The News
    • January 17, 2019
    How Trump's Withdrawal Threatens The Secretive Hunt For ISIS Members In Syria

    President Trump’s order to withdraw US troops from Syria threatens to cripple US-led efforts to kill and capture ISIS members who continue to launch insurgent-style attacks ac...

    By Nicholas Heras

  • In The News
    • The Economist
    • January 17, 2019
    Autonomous weapons and the new laws of war

    The Harop, a kamikaze drone, bolts from its launcher like a horse out of the gates. But it is not built for speed, nor for a jockey. Instead it just loiters, unsupervised, too...

    By Paul Scharre & Michael Horowitz

  • In The News
    • Foreign Policy
    • January 16, 2019
    U.S. Increasingly Concerned About a Chinese Attack on Taiwan

    The U.S. Defense Department is increasingly concerned that China’s growing military might could embolden it to launch a full-out attack on Taiwan. A new assessment of China’s...

    By Elbridge Colby

  • In The News
    • Foreign Policy
    • January 16, 2019
    American Troops Die in Syria as Trump Team Squabbles

    Two U.S. service members and two Department of Defense personnel were killed in an explosion in Syria on Wednesday, the U.S. military confirmed, even as President Donald Trump...

    By Loren DeJonge Schulman

  • In The News
    • The New York Times
    • January 15, 2019
    Trump and Putin Have Met Five Times. What Was Said Is a Mystery.

    The first time they met was in Germany. President Trump took his interpreter’s notes afterward and ordered him not to disclose what he heard to anyone. Later that night, at a ...

    By Victoria Nuland

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