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Long Shadows: Deterrence in a Multipolar Nuclear Age

Stacie Pettyjohn, Jennie Matuschak | May 19, 2022


Risk and Responsibility

Washington is reimagining its global role, leading the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to make difficult choices about priorities, resources, and risk to better address the l...

Indo-Pacific Security

Global Island: Sustaining Taiwan’s International Participation Amid Mounting Pressure from China

China under Chinese Communist Party (CCP) General Secretary Xi Jinping has ramped up political, economic, and military pressure on Taiwan. The roots of Beijing’s pressure camp...

Security in the Balance

The 2022 CNAS National Security Conference Virtual Session Dates:June 14–16, 2022...


  • Press Release
    • June 22, 2022
    New CNAS Report: "Dangerous Straits: Wargaming a Future Conflict over Taiwan"

    Washington, June 22, 2022—In a new CNAS report, "Dangerous Straits: Wargaming a Future Conflict over Taiwan," authors Stacie Pettyjohn, Becca Wasser, and Chris Dougherty, outl...

    By Stacie Pettyjohn, Becca Wasser & Chris Dougherty

  • In The News
    • Foreign Affairs
    • June 21, 2022
    Will China and Russia Stay Aligned?

    We at Foreign Affairs have recently published a number of pieces on China and Russia, their emerging partnership, and whether this alignment will last. To complement these art...

    By Andrea Kendall-Taylor

  • In The News
    • Task and Purpose
    • June 20, 2022
    Why this tiny island in the Pacific may be ground zero in a war with China

    In a war with China, the American territory of Guam would likely become the 21st Century Pearl Harbor. Stacie Pettyjohn, a defense strategy and wargaming expert, said that mos...

    By Stacie Pettyjohn

  • In The News
    • New York Magazine
    • June 19, 2022
    Ukraine Is at Its ‘Most Dangerous Point’ of the War

    In February, Ukraine shocked the world by driving Russian forces from Kyiv, fending off Vladimir Putin’s attempt to quickly capture the country. Almost four months later, the ...

    By Michael Kofman

  • In The News
    • Task and Purpose
    • June 17, 2022
    Inflation is crushing already struggling US troops and their families

    While Americans everywhere are feeling the strain of inflation, military families are also facing challenges unique to a job that maintains a rigid pay scale and leaves you li...

    By Katherine L. Kuzminski

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