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Positive Visions, Powerful Partnerships

Stephen Tankel, Lisa Curtis, Joshua Fitt, ​Coby Goldberg | March 31, 2021

Technology & National Security

Trust the Process

The United States is navigating a new paradigm of competition, one that centers not merely on traditional measures of military might, but on technology innovation and its cont...


Special Event: The U.S. Army's Strategic Priorities

Apr 27, 2021


Sharper: The Next 100 Days

As the administration marks its 100th day in office, what lies ahead?...


Audio & Video

  1. NATO, China, and Russia: A Balancing Act? with Sara Bjerg Moller and Ian Brzezinski
  2. Navigating the China-Russia Partnership
  3. Russia's Military Buildup on the Ukrainian Border, with Maxim Samorukov and Michael Kofman
  4. Dangers of an AI Race

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